An Art Studio for Children

Where creating is fun and people can dream, play and imagine!

Think About It

Party Central!

Running out of ideas for a party? How about two helpers, our space, our mess and children take their projects home the same day? Schedule a party at Artworks and choose twelve projects from our project book and/or suggest a theme and we will help you with the project ideas. Parties are two hours and include guidance and supplies. We can also do parties at your location!


What’s New

April Art Schedules»

Classes at Artworks are small, with ample supplies and great music. We have a waiting area for parents to read, surf the net or catch up on some work! Join us this Spring for art enrichment.

Right Now

Classes at Artworks»

Classes meet once a week and run continually through the academic year. Our small class size and individualized instruction allows you to join at any time. All art supplies are provided with each class.

General Admission

Open Art (General Admission)»

Bring a friend to Artworks. With 12 or more different art stations, vibrant music and plenty of soap and smocks, it’s the perfect answer to the inevitable question, “What are we going to do today?” Pack a snack and a drink!